Our shop is equipped with the tools and knowledge to perform all standard services on brass instruments from chemical cleaning to full overhauls. We have performed many custom repairs and modifications, as well as built entire trumpets. Whatever your idea may be to improve the playability and appearance of your instrument, we can help.

Some common brass services include:

- Chemical cleaning
- Soldering (parts are fit properly to create a "stress free" solder joint.)
- Dent removal
- Waterkey installation (many popular types of waterkeys are available.)
- Bell and leadpipe replacement
- Valve repair and rebuilding (see Toronto piston valve repair section for more detail.)
- Valve port alignment

Some Custom brass services include:

- Custom fabrication of parts
- Installation or fabrication of slide triggers, rings and saddles
- Screw-bell conversions for french horn (also available for other instruments)
- Overhauls and refurbishing of vintage instruments
- Piston valve venting
- Slide lengthening or shortening (usually performed on tuba) .