Woodwind services include everything from yearly checkups to full overhauls.

Common services include:
- Pad replacement
- Key alignments / replacing and adjusting key corks and key silencer materials
- Body work (straightening, removing dents, adjusting posts and key fit, leveling toneholes)
- Spring adjustments and replacement
- Neck and tenon re-corking

- Disassembly of all key mechanisms
- Clean body, polish silver plated surfaces
- Clean and adjust pads
- Adjust corks and springs to achieve optimal playing condition
- Clean and re-cork/adjust headjoint for flutes
- Clean all tenon connections
- Oil wood body on wooden instruments

- Removing and replacing all pads
- Replacement pads are selected according to instrument level and customer preference. Both traditional and synthetic pads are kept in stock.
- Replace damaged and missing key corks
- Replace damage and missing tenon corks
- The repad does not include key straightening, dentwork, or body straightening. These services are charged additionally, as estimated.

- Instrument is completely disassembled
- Body work includes all dent removal, straightening, tonehole leveling, post adjustments, soldering required.
- Key fitting includes straightening, tightening key action, all key fit adjustments.
- Replace all pads
- Replace all key corks and silencer materials
- Align all keys mechanisms and adjust spring action